‘Winding Keys’ Launch Rescheduled

Jan Bradley’s poetry pamphlet, The Winding Keys, will now be launched by Creative Future at the Amnesty Bookshop, Brighton, on November 12th at 7pm.

Jan Bradley was born in the industrial Black Country of England on the side of a road due to her pure eagerness to live in the oxygenated world. She studied a fine art BSc followed by a postgraduate in specialist fine art printmaking and photography at the University of Brighton. Jan also studied environmental conservation, commercial horticulture, intensive crop production and environmental management skills…and sometime later, a postgraduate and MSc in Health Through Occupation.

She now works as an Occupational Therapist at Mill View Psychiatric Hospital. Her MSc research paper, Exploring the Experiences of Writing Poetry, involved many writers from this site and others. She has been co-facilitating poetry and creative writing workshops with Alan Morrison within her work for Sussex Partnership NHS Trust over the last two years. She lives in Brighton.

“The Winding Keys is a disarming debut, image-rich, prosodically varied — free verse, rhyme, sprung rhyme, rhyme, haiku, villanelle, in only 31 pages — and, most importantly of all, emotionally powerful. Bradley tackles the big subjects once thought to form the core of poetry— life, death, love, loss — with an unabashed persistency of will and a darkly enchanting lyricism” – Alan Morrison



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